In our search to provide the most authentic drinking experience possible, we often turn to late-nineteenth century recipes and ingredients, many of which have been lost. During this process, we’ve fallen in love with Absinthe and the extraordinary subtleties the spirit has to offer.  We offer traditional, 1890s French absinthe service, original absinthe tasting guides, and an ever-growing collection of artisanal absinthes from around the world.

Interested in learning more about our favorite spirit? We host regular seminars exploring the fascinating history and complex flavors of absinthe. See Classes & Events to join us next time!

Before mixing with water, absinthe is quite clear. The milky appearance that results from dilution is called the "louche".
For guests interested in learning more about absinthe, we host regular seminars exploring its history and enjoyment. Contact us to learn more.
Our I ♥ Absinthe flight features stunning cocktails for absinthe lovers: the Chrysanthemum, the Corpse Reviver #2, and the Absinthe Frappé.
We serve absinthe in the traditional French style. Graceful fountains drip water onto sugar cubes held on intricate spoons, mixing with the absinthe.