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Beneath the Surface

By Jonathan Laurel January 30, 2018 Cocktails

rosemary, sherry, plum, pine, orange zest Blended Scotch whiskey, picon, cocchi di torino, mgp rye syrup Beneath the Surface explores the depth of our Amer Picon, pairing its bittersweet-but-floral orange flavors with a blended Speyside scotch whiskey, sweetened with a jammy vermouth and a simple syrup made from rye whiskey rather than water. Each sip reveals deeper and more complex layers of flavor as the cocktail develops notes of crisp evergreen, orange zest, sherry,… Read More

Cocktail Flight: House of Picon

By Jonathan Laurel January 26, 2018 Cocktails

An essential ingredient in the nineteenth-century bartender’s back bar, Amer Picon is a bittersweet, orange-flavored aperitif invented in 1837. Although the recipe was changed twice in the 20th century, we’ve reconstructed its original flavor profile and offer a flight of three classic, authentic Picon cocktails using our own replica: Picon Punch, with Picon, cognac, grenadine, and soda; the Liberal Cocktail, with Kentucky bourbon, Picon, sugar, and bogart bitters; the Brooklyn, with Kentucky… Read More

Hounds of Tindalos

By Jonathan Laurel January 24, 2018 Cocktails

herbaceous, bittersweet, tobacco, barrel char Kentucky bourbon whiskey, charred Campari, picon, bénédictine, apricot brandy, monk bitters, tobacco “mist” The Hounds of Tindalos is a snapshot of rural Appalachia near the end of November. Subtle snippets of withered hay fields, golden leaves, tobacco, rye, and burnt wood are reminders of the changing seasons. Memories inevitably drift in and out of focus. Kentucky bourbon pairs perfectly with Campari—itself infused with charred alder wood to layer flavors. Read More

House of Picon: The Brooklyn Cocktail

By Jonathan Laurel January 18, 2018 Cocktails

Depending on who you believe, the Brooklyn cocktail first appeared by the 1880s but made its first print appearance in 1908. There are more versions of this cocktail than there are dives in its eponymous borough. Ours finds itself close to the original—a relative (and neighbor) to the Manhattan cocktail—and is a taste of the thing we care about most: authenticity. Showing off our Amer Picon, the Brooklyn combines it with Kentucky rye whiskey, Cocchi… Read More

A Great Old One: The Hot Toddy

By Jonathan Laurel January 16, 2018 Cocktails

With debated origins between the 1780s and the early 1800s, the Hot Toddy seems a ubiquitous ameliorative for both cold weather and the every day cold. Reasonably so, since, no matter that this cocktail is almost 200 years old, it never fails to keep you warm or sooth a sore throat. On occasion, though, one is surprised to be reminded that the Hot Toddy is originally a beautiful, warm, spiced cocktail in its own right,… Read More