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Cocktail History: Rob Roy

By Jonathan Laurel November 29, 2019 Cocktails

It’s St. Andrew’s Day, which means we’ve officially entered winter drinking season and it’s time for a story. As an illustrated introduction, we start with Harry Craddock’s Savoy Cocktail Book.  The fairly laconic recipe list that makes up the bulk of Craddock’s book occasionally introduces brief one-liners about the odd cocktail or two.  They may tell where the cocktail came from, from where it takes its name, or some such joke about how it should be… Read More

New Year’s Eve, 2019: Yukimuro Wagyu & Bourbon

By Jonathan Laurel November 25, 2019 Food

This December 31, we will be celebrating the New Year in unprecedented style with a pairing dinner to rival all others.  With the first of the two menus we will be offering for New Year’s Eve, we are fortunate enough to show off one of the rarest proteins in the world: Snow-Aged A5 Wagyu Striploin from Niigata Prefecture, Japan.  This obscenely rich and rare product will be showcased through five courses, each… Read More

New Desserts

By Jonathan Laurel November 22, 2019 Food

Miriam’s desserts consistently bring smiles to our faces, and the faces of our guests who know they can come every month for something new.  Her current menu is no different, featuring a series of desserts that will, invariably, make you stop whatever you’re doing and pay attention to what’s on your spoon.  Few things are as curious to eat as Angel Food Cake.  The light, airy, weightless sponge is almost a dissonant… Read More

Cuban Classics: Cuba Libré

By Jonathan Laurel November 20, 2019 Food

Probably the most ubiquitous of “Cuban” cocktails is the Cuba Libré, common to all those who don’t know anything about cocktails beyond “I’d like a rum and coke.”  But this dime-a-dozen drink—like many popular classics—has a surprising origin. The drink came into being around the time of the Spanish-American War (1898) as the child of a debatably-happy marriage between the native Cuban spirit and a highly addictive export from America: Coca-Cola.  In all… Read More

Cuban Classics: Mojito

By Jonathan Laurel November 15, 2019 Cocktails

Some cocktails defy historicizing; they are products of long evolutions shrouded in circumstance and myth.  The Mojito, for all its fame, is one of these—a tedious but simple cocktail with a powerfully addictive palate. Sources allege two major origin stories for the Mojito.  One associates it with famed English pirate/profiteer Francis Drake and his failed (or stalled, depending on how you read it) siege of Havana.  Allegedly, Drake’s crew was anchored off… Read More