Horn of Plenty

By Jonathan Laurel January 17, 2019 Cocktails

bartlette pear, apple, citrus, ginger, cinnamon Poire william eau-de-vie, apple shrub, picon, lemon, fall syrup, ginger ale Named after a cornucopia—a hollow, horn-shaped basket which contains an inexhaustible amount of fruits, flowers, and nuts—the horn of plenty is a primeval symbol of nourishment. Since it represents the autumn harvest, our own Horn of Plenty offers a similar abundance of fall flavors, including ripe Bartlett pears, baked apples, spices, lemon zest, and ginger. Read More

Sea Monster, take two.

By Jonathan Laurel January 10, 2019 Cocktails

allspice, nutmeg, cream, butter, vanilla spiced rum, gosling’s house blend, allspice dram, butter, seaweed Since the beginning of recorded history, ocean mariners from every culture have told tales of terrifying monsters. These monstrous beings roam the high seas, threatening to capsize ships and devour sailers. The Sea Monster is a Hot-Buttered Rum, a centuries-old mixed drink combining rum with spiced butter, and like the monsters of folklore, ours appears too good to be true. Read More

Sotol Flip

By Jonathan Laurel January 4, 2019 Cocktails

white pepper, smoke, walnut, crabapple, cinnamon peppercorn-infused sotol, oloroso sherry, fall syrup, milk, cream, orange bitters, french oak, egg In Colonial times, Flips were made by tossing ingredients from one pitcher to another, back and forth, until the beverage was frothy. We prepare our Flips with a two-piece steel shaker, but the same science behind “flipping” a drink applies here as well. Here the traditional cold creamy weight of the Flip is cut with… Read More

Double Dragon

By Jonathan Laurel December 28, 2018 Cocktails

blackberry, cassis, chocolate, nutmeg, clove gosling’s house blend, ruby port, molasses & nutmeg syrup, monk bitters, cacao, french oak The Double Dragon is a version of the iconic Old-Fashioned style Cocktail. We use a dark, rich Bermudian rum as the base spirit—blended to one-hundred proof—and sweeten it with port wine and a syrup made from Demerara sugar, molasses, and nutmeg. The Double Dragon is served “up” like a fortified wine and garnished with an… Read More


By Jonathan Laurel December 21, 2018 Cocktails

grilled oranges, smoke, caramel, apple, iodine orange-infused islay single malt whisky, cynar, apple shrub, cider, aquafaba, orange bitters Inspired by Göthe’s greatest work, the Faust is a delicate dance between larger-than-life flavors. A dank, peaty Scotch whisky is infused with dehydrated oranges, then mixed together with seemingly incompatible ingredients like our homemade apple shrub and Cynar, an artichoke-based amaro. Like the Faustian bargain of legend, this cocktail is an ambitious gamble—great flavors require great… Read More