Down the Rabbit-Hole

By Jonathan Laurel July 19, 2018 Cocktails

tangy, crisp, refreshing, effervescent blanco tequila, aperol, watermelon patch shrub, lime, bogart bitters, soda water. A perfect summertime sipper, Down the Rabbit-Hole captures the best aspects of the season. Our watermelon patch shrub is a juicy combination of watermelon, strawberry, mint, basil, and cucumber, with a tart, sweet-and-sour finish. A citrusy blanco tequila and Aperol round off the garden-fresh flavors, and the cocktail is garnished with mint and a piece of candied watermelon rind. Read More

Jigger, Beaker, Flask: Singapore Sling

By Jonathan Laurel July 7, 2018 Cocktails

Also called “The Immortal Singapore Raffles Gin Sling,” the ‘Singapore Sling’ was encountered by Charles Baker, Jr., in 1926 “and afterwards never forgotten.” Of course, all the cocktails featured on the “Jigger, Beaker, Flask” flight come from this legendary writer, and the Gin Sling from the Raffles Hotel seems to have been a particularly memorable cocktail for him. The passage about the Gin Sling lists many other examples from various hotels and clubs from Cairo… Read More

Superior Milk Washed Rock & Rye

By Jonathan Laurel June 29, 2018 Cocktails

cherry, citrus, clove, menthol, bittersweet MGP rye whiskey, cherry, orange, apricot, lemon verbena, horehound, sugar, clove, cinnamon, orange bitters, Douglas fir bitters We previously featured this cocktail in Volume #2: Lost Ingredients and decided to come at it from a new angle in Volume #3. A little online research will tell you the provenance of the Rock & Rye cocktail, especially since its resurrection in the current historical cocktail renaissance has made information about… Read More

Pimm’s Cup

By Jonathan Laurel June 21, 2018 Cocktails

spiced fruit, ginger, citrus, cucumber, sparkling Pimm’s No. 1, spicy ginger ale, lemon, cucumber, strawberry, orange The traditional British Fruit Cup was a late-18th century gin-based cocktail, built with herbs and fruit into specific and private recipes. By the early 19th century it became common to pair Fruit Cups with oysters, as was the case in James Pimm’s London oyster bar. In 1823, Pimm started producing his particular reduced liqueur and calling it the… Read More

Balsamic Strawberry Smash

By Jonathan Laurel June 15, 2018 Cocktails

dense, grassy, herbaceous, sweet and sour vodka, cynar, strawberry, lemon, basil, balsamic vinegar Smashes are an old category of drinks made from “smashed” fruits, herbs, or vegetables. Although these drinks fell out of favor during the Golden Age, we have resurrected it with our Balsamic Strawberry Smash. We use a locally imported aged balsamic vinegar paired with basil leaves, strawberry juice, and Cynar. The vinegar is used as a substitute for lemon juice, transforming… Read More