Mirror, Mirror

By Jonathan Laurel June 9, 2018 Cocktails

gentian root, citrus, banana, vanilla, indian pale ale Bison grass vodka, hefeweizen syrup, picon, salers gentian liqueur, grapefruit, lemon, bogart bitters After thinking about the ubiquitous Grapefruit IPA, one of our favorite summertime beers, we decided to deconstruct its flavors and build a cocktail around them. We combine a Bison grass Polish vodka with a Hefeweizen syrup to craft a rich, creamy IPA mouthfeel, then we add three different kinds of bitters to emulate… Read More

Icelandic Gimlet

By Jonathan Laurel June 7, 2018 Cocktails

earthy, savory, salty, orange blossom, herbaceous Icelandic aquavit, trashy beet kvass, picon, grenadine Inspired by the flavors of the Far North, this Nordic treat transforms a gin-based Gimlet into something dark, salty, and savory. The Icelandic Gimlet substitutes a “trashy” beet kvass for a traditional cordial—building the kvass out of beets and other bar ingredient scraps like beet greens, basil, ginger, and caraway. Kvass is an herbal, lightly fermented beverage from eastern Europe, often… Read More

Princess Mononoke

By Jonathan Laurel June 1, 2018 Cocktails

spearmint, vanilla, berry, bittersweet, baking spice Blueberry-infused Kentucky bourbon whiskey, spiced rum, pineapple gomme, thyme-infused cointreau, monk bitters, fernet branca foam Based on Hayao Miyazaki’s animated movie of the same name, Princess Mononoke is an exercise in the constant cycle of preservation and destruction. In our tribute to the Japanese masterpiece, we deconstruct some traditional bar ingredients in exciting new ways. Each element of the cocktail undergoes a drastic transformation. The finished product is… Read More

Redbud Road

By Jonathan Laurel May 25, 2018 Cocktails

sour lemons, lavender, flowers, grapefruit zest aperol, lemon, overproof Kentucky bourbon, aquafaba, orange bitters, lavender tea essence Redbud Road takes its name from a type of North America redbud tree, Cercis canadensis. In Appalachia, the redbud tree blooms in April or May, with a shiny and dense (and long lasting) array of stunning pink and purple flowers (though, curiously, no red ones). Redbud Road is an Aperol-based sour cocktail with bittersweet notes of citrus… Read More


By Jonathan Laurel May 24, 2018 Cocktails

floral, light, vegetal, savory, grassy cucumber-and-dill-infused plymouth gin, dry vermouth, cocchi americano, thyme-infused cointreau, bogart bitters A whimsical play on the classic Dry Martini Cocktail, our Cucumberton transforms it ingredients into something else entirely. We infuse a soft, earthy Plymouth-style gin with fresh dill and English cucumbers, then pair it with a thyme-infused orange liqueur. A mix of two different fortified aromatic wines adds complexity. The finished cocktail is a harmonious blend of cucumber,… Read More