Birch Mule

By Jonathan Laurel April 17, 2018 Cocktails

woodsy, wintergreen, citrus, bay leaf vodka, birch beer, mint liqueur, acid phosphate, bogart bitters Mules and Bucks are ginger-topped highballs developed in the first half of the twentieth century. For the Birch Mule, we use vodka distilled from corn and top it with our bubbly house-brewed birch beer. Made from a sweet black birch bark, birch beer contains spicy, minty flavors with a velvety wintergreen aftertaste. We finish it off with fresh spearmint, flowers,… Read More

(Have You Seen) The Yellow Sign

By Jonathan Laurel April 14, 2018 Cocktails

spicy mustard, earthy, grassy, smoke, chive horseradish-infused mezcal, lemon, mustard syrup, parsnip juice, bogart bitters Published in 1895, Robert Chambers’s collection The King in Yellow is the story of a fictional play which causes people to go insane after reading it. A recurring motif is obsession with the color yellow, leaving one character to ask, “Have you seen the Yellow Sign?” Inspired by strange, more bizarre ingredients, we set out to create a spicy,… Read More

Great Old Ones: Widow’s Kiss

By Jonathan Laurel April 10, 2018 Cocktails

In another of our cocktail flights we find one more drink whose bibliographic origins trace back to George Kappeler’s 1895 book, and probably to Kappeler himself. This one we find it in the Great Old One’s flight, and it’s the Widow’s Kiss: a delicately balanced cocktail with powerful ingredients rich in flavor and craft. Namely, those are the yellow chartreuse and benedictine, mixed here with Laird’s apple brandy and our monk bitters. Based on the… Read More

Fish House Punch

By Jonathan Laurel April 6, 2018 Cocktails

apricot, peach, fuji apple, cAdd Newrisp, refreshing cognac, gold jamaican rum, apple brandy, peach liqueur, oleo saccharum, lemon, black tea, bogart bitters In 1732, the oldest known social club in America was founded in Pennsylvania, calling itself the “Schuylkill Fishing Company,” and by the time of the American Revolutionary War, the club’s secret punch was famous. A skillful blend of three base spirits with fruit-forward flavors, the Fish House Punch is a… Read More

White Oak Fashioned

By Jonathan Laurel March 30, 2018 Cocktails

oak bark, toasted nuts, moss, mushrooms, orange zest kentucky bourbon whiskey, gomme, acorn bitters, woodland essence Based on the granddaddy of all Cocktails, our White Oak Fashioned uses a high-rye single barrel bourbon whiskey as its base spirit, adding depth, character, and complexity. The finished cocktail is both nutty and tannic, with a round, umami-driven mouthfeel and notes of dry wood, caramel, cinnamon, and morel. Read More