Elder Things

By Jonathan Laurel February 16, 2018 Cocktails

earthy, malty, chocolate, umami, wintergreen maitake-infused genever, shotgun ale syrup, cocchi di torino, woodier mushroom, birch, monk bitters Four hundred million years ago, giant, alien-looking prototaxites covered the surface of the earth. These monstrous ancestors to modern-day fungi sprouted up to twenty-four feet tall and dominated the Cambrian sky. Today’s mushrooms lurk mostly beneath the ground, but Elder Things pays homage to the ancient fungi and their slightly terrifying, lost landscape. We infuse a… Read More

Jigger, Beaker, Flask: Sahara Burning Heart

By Jonathan Laurel February 15, 2018 Cocktails

“Watch this one when out under the moon in a desert overnight camp, riding camels out across the vast dunes, or strolling in the moonlight around the Sphinx (…) Full many a man has gone and committed himself for life under that desert moon after a brace of Glowing Hearts.” So says Charles Baker, Jr., when he discusses the Sahara Glowing Heart in his 1939 book The Gentleman’s Companion Volume II, or Around the World… Read More

House of Picon: Picon Punch

By Jonathan Laurel February 8, 2018 Cocktails

The Picon Punch originated as the cocktail of Basque emigres in America and was then taken back home to eventually become the colloquial “cocktail of the Basque Nation.” But through Amer Picon’s recipe changes and its eventual discontinuation in the U.S., the Picon Punch itself became a lost reminder of a mostly lost home. Until, that is, craft cocktails bars around the world began reproducing approximations of the original Amer Picon and opened back up… Read More

Sea Monster

By Jonathan Laurel February 3, 2018 Cocktails

vanilla, allspice, cream, iodine, seaweed vanilla-infused spiced rum, allspice dram, butter, rinse of seaweed-infused Talker Scotch Since the beginning of recorded history, ocean mariners from nearly every culture have told tales of terrifying sea monsters. Creatures of incredible size and strength, these beasts roam the sea, threatening to capsize ships. Our Sea Monster is based on a centuries-old method of flavoring Caribbean rum with butter and spices. Like the sea monsters of folklore, ours… Read More

Rock + Rye

By Jonathan Laurel February 1, 2018 Cocktails

cherry, orange, clove, menthol MGP rye whiskey, sugar, spices, dried fruit, orange bitters A product of America’s earliest saloons, Rock + Rye is a liqueur made from rye whiskey, rock candy syrup, fruit, and dried herbs. An early recipe appears in Harry Johnson’s Bartender’s Manual in 1888. Instead of rock candy, we sweeten ours using a spice-infused cherry syrup, adding dried cherries, oranges, and lemon verbena, then bottle age it to add depth and… Read More