House of Picon: The Liberal Cocktail

By Jonathan Laurel January 12, 2018 Cocktails

George Kappeler published the first recipe for the Liberal Cocktail in 1895, and we’re offering our version as part of the Amer Picon cocktail flight. The original Amer Picon “grand bitter” has been effectively lost through brand and recipe changes over the last 180 years so, per our regular modus operandi, we made a version ourselves to best approximate the original flavors of these iconic cocktails. Our Liberal combines two dashes of bitters and two… Read More

It’s time for a decadent shared plate.

By Jonathan Laurel January 11, 2018 Food

We feel it is time to bring a decadent, bountiful, first class cheese plate back to downtown and we’re proud to up the stakes with this offering. This beautiful black walnut board is packed with mousse, pate, and salumi, soft, aged, and gorgeous cheeses, bright pickles and an array of spreads and bread. The boards were custom made by one of our bartenders and the whole array assembled by our maitre-d, a former cheesemonger, so… Read More

Alberta Campfire

By Jonathan Laurel January 10, 2018 Cocktails

According to archeological evidence, Paleoindian campsites first appeared in Canada around 13,000 years ago.  Quartzite tools, such as arrow- and spear-heads, mark these camping grounds.  Our Alberta Campfire draws inspiration from these aboriginal people.  We use a long-forgotten North American spirit, straight apple brandy, and slowly infuse it with freshly smoked apple wood.  This old-fashioned style drink is lightly sweetened with an autumn-floor syrup made from clove, cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg, and peppercorn, and joins cherry… Read More