Cocktail Flight: Traditional Tiki

By Jonathan Laurel September 6, 2019 Cocktails

After World War II, America’s obsession with Polynesian culture spread east from California.  A fierce rivalry between Tiki restaurateurs Don the Beachcomber and Trader Vic ignited an veritable arms race for more exotic and nuanced cocktails.  We’ve chosen a few of our favorites to form the Traditional Tiki flight from Volume 5.   From left to right: the Hurricane, with a house blended Planter’s rum, passionfruit syrup, lemon, and monk bitters; the… Read More

Historical Flight: Harry Craddock

By Jonathan Laurel August 27, 2019 Cocktails

It’s no secret that Harry Craddock and his Savoy Cocktail Book are some of the most iconic and important elements of 20th century International cocktail culture.  Though a healthy discussion could be had about why certain people win the historical fame lottery over others in our small field, there’s no question Craddock’s compendium of cocktails is certainly an invaluable catalogue of early 20th century drinks.   Harry Craddock was one of, if… Read More

South America Flight: Caipirinha

By Jonathan Laurel August 23, 2019 Cocktails

No South American cocktail flight would be complete with the Caipirinha.  This iconic Brazilian cocktail is perhaps the most famous beverage to be exported from the country, and there’s an easy reason.  Although there are probably as many ways to make a Caipirinha as there are Brazilians, the drink is almost invariably addictively delicious.  The Caipirinha originated in the interior of the State of São Paolo, indicating a little history of its… Read More

South America Flight: Batida Rosa

By Jonathan Laurel August 20, 2019 Cocktails

The Batida Rosa is a devastatingly delicious drink created by Jeffrey Morganthaler in 2008.  The story behind the cocktail is that a Brazilian soccer team was crushing Caipirinhas at his bar one night.  To prevent running out of his stock of limes, Morgenthaler created the Batida Rosa and thus pivoted the demand to lemon juice.  This cocktail’s namesake is the classic Brazilian Batida, a fairly malleable category of cachaça cocktail that includes… Read More

South America Flight: Pisco Punch

By Jonathan Laurel August 16, 2019 Cocktails

One of the most perfect punches you’ll encounter is the Pisco Punch.  This punch is easily 150 years old, possibly finding its origins on coastal ocean steamers traveling up the Pacific coast of the Americas from Peru to California.  Unquestionably, though, this punch was made famous at the Bank Exchange, the iconic San Francisco bar haunted by the likes of Rudyard Kippling, Mark Twain, and Harold Ross.   The Bank Exchange Billiard… Read More