Redbud Road

By Jonathan Laurel May 25, 2018 Cocktails

sour lemons, lavender, flowers, grapefruit zest
aperol, lemon, overproof Kentucky bourbon, aquafaba, orange bitters, lavender tea essence

Redbud Road takes its name from a type of North America redbud tree, Cercis canadensis. In Appalachia, the redbud tree blooms in April or May, with a shiny and dense (and long lasting) array of stunning pink and purple flowers (though, curiously, no red ones). Redbud Road is an Aperol-based sour cocktail with bittersweet notes of citrus fruit, herbs, spices, and fresh-cut flowers. This fun and foamy drink is an homage to those long stretches of Appalachian roads dotted with redbuds.

redbud road cocktail