Our year is full of events that show off our unique combination of bar skills, culinary prowess, community support, and generally nerdy enthusiasm. We host parties for our new cocktail menus, coursed pairing dinners (sometimes thematic, sometimes prix fixe, sometimes with incredible guest chefs, sometimes all of these), historically inspired cocktail specials, and small private classes. These events allow us to geek out a little bit and give us the opportunity to create unique, memorable experiences in the cross between food, beverages, and education, and to share our world with others. If you are interested in booking a class or event for a private group, please contact us at

Events on the radar

Julep Week

04/26/2019 - 05/05/2019

In honor of the 145th Kentucky Derby, we are featuring a truly unique Julep for all of Derby week. Inspired by a story from Charles Dickens' 1842 trip to America, this julep is to be shared among friends and promises to make any evening supremely memorable and full of laughs.

Volume 5 Release Party


Join us as we celebrate the release of our new cocktail menu on Thursday, May 9! Volume #5 looks to Thai cuisine for its inspiration and finds extraordinary opportunity in Thai ingredients, flavors, and culinary staples. The resulting colorful array of new cocktails will be revealed at the party, along with several other additions to our menu. Also, it's our birthday!

Spirits 120: Mezcal’s Madness of Methods


This much-hyped spirit is the product of a mind-blowing, permutative matrix of methods and choices made by the Mescalero. These methods ensure that, quite literally, no two mezcales are the same. In this class we'll investigate these methods and taste examples from across the spectrum while sharing a two course meal.

Past Events

Cocktail Pairing Dinner with Samantha Fore


We are joining with Chef Sam Fore of Tuk Tuk Sri Lankan Bites to bring you a dinner unlike anything either of us has done before. This pairing dinner will focus on what Sam identifies as the central principle of Sri Lankan cuisine: “the search for your personal, perfect bite.