West Main Crafting Co. is a nineteenth century-inspired craft cocktail bar, and we craft our own sodas, syrups, cordials, tonics, tinctures, infusions, perfumes, and bitters, in order to provide the most authentic drinking experience possible. Our verve for investigating spirit and cocktail history produces cocktails that are whole events unto themselves, and new cocktail menus ("Volumes") are released semi-annually to explore different themes and inspirations.


Volume 5 explores Thai cooking traditions through cocktails.  Thai cuisine is more than spring rolls, drunken noodles, and rainbow-colored curries.  These cocktails draw inspiration from hundreds of years of Thai cooking traditions, and they focus on achieving the delicate balance between sweet, sour, salty, and spicy flavors.

Pearl Milk Toddy Ceylon black tea-infused cachaça, lemongrass, honey, coconut, cream, milk, Thai tea, tapioca pearls
Bird’s Eye Smash Bird's eye chili-infused rhum agricole, lime, Thai basil, cilantro
Castle in the Sky Old Tom gin, chambéry blanc, lemon, ginger liqueur, blue curaçao, orange bitters
Tom Yum White mirepoix-infused arrack, lemongrass, lime, kaffir lime leaf liqueur, ginger ale
Kaeng Phet Curry spice-infused blanco tequila, aperol, lime, thai basil, coconut, bogart bitters
Panda Panda Panda Pandan leaf-infused bourbon, coconut, ginger liqueur, lemongrass, monk bitters
Green Curry Fizz Kentucky dry gin, lime, orgeat, Thai basil, coconut, aquafaba, bogart bitters, soda water, green curry paste
Cedar Plank Cedar-infused reposado tequila, ginger liqueur, lemon, peppercorn, woodland essence, bogart bitters
Spicy Thai Garden Shrub Mezcal, tomato & herb shrub, cyan, lemon, soda water, bogart bitters
Hurricane Planter's rum, lemon, passionfruit, monk bitters

The craft of bartending is more than a waxy mustache. We approach our cocktails as inspired experiences that are exciting and authentic; we think of cocktails as something extraordinary, and we want you to find new, unexpected flavors even in those drinks you already understand and enjoy.

Hickory Sour Hickory- and peach-infused Kentucky bourbon whiskey, lemon, apricot brandy, honey, orange bitters, aquafaba
White Oak Fashioned Kentucky bourbon whiskey, gomme, acorn bitters, woodland essence
House Sazerac Kentucky rye whiskey, cognac, gomme, peychaud's bitters, monk bitters, rinse of Kentucky absinthe
Orchid Scout Cabernet sauvignon, picon, cola, tonic, soda water, orange bitters
Gin & Tonic Kentucky dry gin, quinine syrup, soda water
Mules Bourbon (Kentucky Mule) or vodka (Moscow Mule), lime, bogart bitters, house ginger ale
Fire Pit Margarita Mezcal, tequila, chipotle-pineapple agave, lime, curaçao, orange bitters
Colonel Beam’s Iced Coffee Kentucky bourbon whiskey, milk, cream, sugar, allspice dram, cold brew

For centuries, creative winemakers and beermakers used wooden barrels to infuse their products with flavors. By putting our cocktails into oak barrels, we’re extracting tasty organic compounds such as vanillin and caramelized sugar, as well as slowly oxidizing our ingredients, creating a softer taste.

Manhattan Kentucky rye whiskey, cocchi di torino, maraschino, absinthe, monk bitters
El Presidente Nicaraguan silver rum, rhum agricole, chambéry blanc, cointreau, grenadine, orange bitters.

Our cocktail flights are full-sized offerings of cocktails from various historical and modern sources. Flights are a perfect way to share several different cocktails at once. Enjoy them together or separately.

Cuban Classics Mojito - Cuba Libré - Daiquiri de Luxe
“Professor” Jerry Thomas Hot Whiskey Toddy - Japanese Cocktail - Crushed Strawberry Fizz
I ♥ Absinthe Chrysanthemum - Corpse Reviver #2 - Absinthe Frappé