Chef Greg Spaulding believes it’s our responsibility to use high-quality local ingredients, know where they come from, and treat them as simply and cleanly as possible to let their natural quality shine. Our seasonal food menus strive to be both inventive and simple, combining eclectic influences with our Southern roots and modern techniques for a uniquely delicious dining experience.


We believe in sourcing responsibly raised and healthy animals, and minimizing food waste as much as possible. With that mission, we proudly work with local farmers to procure whole animals and ensure that no part is wasted or unappreciated. These flavorful, gorgeous proteins are mainstays on our menus and specials.


West Main Crafting Co. is proud to work with these small purveyors to responsibly source our ingredients:
Sunwatch Homestead
Weisenberger Mills
Maple Leaf Farm
Four Hills Farm
Lexington Farmers’ Market